Why Your Business Needs a Website Now More Than Ever

Why Your Business Needs a Website Now More Than Ever

Hello and welcome to WebsiteFiesta. In this first article, we will see what a personnal website brings to you that social media doesn't, and what are the costs.

1. What social media is not

Social media is, for the main part, ephemeral, short-lived content. When we look a tweet engagement lifetime, it is a few hours to 1 day at max.
Google does not like social media. It will never place a facebook post in the search results, or a tweet. It only ranks pages or accounts. Which means people will not find you through search engines unless they type your name directly. Social media is not bound to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Quick test: ask a question and see what appears in the results. Is it a tweet or facebook post ? Or is it a blog article ? You see what I mean ;)
Facebook, Twitter etc own your followers. You do not have access to your follower base emails. If one day your account gets deleted or the application changes, you may lose a big part of your community.
Does that mean you should not use social media? No. Of course, they have their advantages. You can get new customers there and reach huge engagement on your posts, even if it is on a short timeframe. Just keep in minds the pros and cons of using social media, and take it to your advantage.

2. What a website brings you

With a personnal website, you completely own your content, and when you publish an article, its value increase over time, just like old wine, as it will bring people from search engines. The words used in your articles will contain keywords that Google will use to show your website to qualified people. They will arrive on your website already knowing what they are looking for. This is a gain of time for you. It saves up on marketing costs because visitors are already interested in your topic when they arrive. With good content, you do not even need advertising and your articles will bring new visitors each day without you even doing anything. This is why blogs are still very useful even today.
Your "followers", prospects (potential customers), members of your community will sign up on your website and to the newsletter, which means you can directly contact them through their email, and this has much more impact than a social media post. Quick test: do you usually pay more attention to your emails or to your facebook's feed ? You see what I mean ;)
A website allows you to directly sell services, digital or physical products, and this is the fastest way to start an online business. WebsiteFiesta, for example, has directly Paypal integrated, which allows to make sales even while you sleep.
When running an online business, you have to build an empire, and your website is the center of it. You will use social media and SEO to bring traffic and grow a customer base.

3. What are the costs?

Technically, to run a website you need a server, which costs around 10 bucks a month, plus the domain name, 15 bucks a year, plus a SSL certificate which is around 30 bucks a year... plus you need the knowledge and time to install your actual website, which is a bunch (thousands) of files and a database hosted on a server. Of course you could use WordPress, but you would still need to install a bunch of paid packages and templates, spend a lot of time configuring it, end up with a slow and vulnerable website that you need to manually update every now and then otherwise hackers will get into you since half of the entire websites in the world use WordPress, it makes a lot of sense it would be their primary target.

4. Why use WebsiteFiesta?

With WebsiteFiesta, you can order a website and get it up and running in 24 hours or less (usually the time it takes me to sleep and install a website).
From that point you can configure your Paypal and start selling products and services, publish articles and launch the SEO process (which is a good idea to start doing asap even if you do not have products available yet), and start growing your customer base, which is the key to a successful and healthy online business.

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