Website launch!

Website launch!

Welcome to websitefiesta! I am happy to finally launch this project that I have been working on for months! We will go through how it started, who it is for, what's included and how it works.

How it started ?

I have been coding websites for years now, first for my mom, then for myself, for a few clients, I also worked as a full time backend developer at a company. Now I am self employed and work on the web.
The key rule I have been setting to myself is to never rely on frameworks or libraries until I fully understand how it works.
I would always code from scratch, in vanilla PHP and javascript, for the sake of learning.
This way of working has its drawbacks: it takes time to learn and code everything.
But it also has advantages that to me are worth it: websites are lightweight, secure and customizable.
In the end I still don't plan to use any framework, because I built my own and am satisfied with it.
I have been improving it with time, as I needed more features for my websites.
The main goal of the project was to have a content management system that would allow me to create websites and start personnal projects in no time.
Then I thought it could benefit others.
With the raise of social media and perishable content, it is now more than ever required to have a website.
This is why I created this website and service, to help out people getting started on the web.

Who is it for ?

People who need a website and do not want to spend any time managing all the technical stuff. You can focus on creating content solely, which is what you are goot at.
I am targetting any artist, content creator, blogger, small business owner, entrepeneur, any person who needs a website to publish its work, sell services or products.
Those who want a clean and modern website but without coming up with a designer or template.
It is for people who can't afford a developer and want a website fast.

What is included ?

I came up with a subscription system, that you can start and cancel anytime you want.
It includes website installation, domain name and hosting management. In other words, my job is to make sure that your website is online and that you have nothing to worry about, besides creating content.
The website is made to be easy and quick to use. You can create and publish an article in a minute.
You will get access to a Discord server where you can get help with the content creation.
The website allows you to create a blog with a comments system, create a customer base, sell physical or digital products, create reccuring payments buttons, upload files and videos, create an art gallery, get people to contact you, and more.
Since the code is made from scratch, it is secure and optimized for search engines, meaning people will find your website on google easily.

How does it work ?

Before you subscribe, I recommend to prepare a few things.
First, you must find a domain name for your website. It is what you see in the tab url. For example:
Then to check availability, type the domain name in the url bar. If the page says "This site can’t be reached", it means that it is available.
Once we agreed on a domain name, I can put the website online.
You can prepare a banner that will be displayed at the top of your home page.
You can also prepare a logo, though it is not mandatory.
Once the site is ready, I will send you a link to your administrator interface, this is where you create the actual content.

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